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Highlights in Meran/Merano

Experience culture

The varied and innovative activity, culture and enjoyment found in the Meraner Land leaves nothing to be desired: it ranges from the Lana Live Jazz Weeks, the soirees at Castle Tirol, the renowned Meran/Merano Music Weeks to gourmet events such as ‘Stars – Castles – Alpine country’ and the Meran/Merano Advent.

Every year in June, Castle Tirol/o offers some soiree events

Five concerts are lined up. These take place on every second Tuesday in the castle’s Knights Hall and are extremely popular in South Tyrol. The events present a variety of musical works from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, as well as Early Baroque and are played by ensembles from Italy and abroad. In addition, there is a varied framework programme with Castle Tirol as a magnificent backdrop. The soirees are very unique and present you with a truly unforgettable experience.

Laas/Lasa Culture Festival – ‘Marble and apricots‘

The traditional Laas/Lasa Culture Festival ‘Marble and apricots‘ offers two totally different experiences in the village of Laas in the Vinschau/Venosta region. There is a quite a varied framework programme relating to the white marble from Laas, as well as the Vinschau/Venosta apricot: enjoy everything from cultural hiking trips to Nordic Walking tours, as well as places of culture and culinary delicacies of the region!

Open-Air Festival

During July, the village of Lana offers a number of theatre events. These are open-air events presented with originality, which are being held every year at different locations. Sometimes, they use the unique and romantic backdrop of the Gaul Canyon, sometimes the old railway station… Why don’t you come and let us surprise us.


During the month of October, the chestnut is right in the centre of all things! At the ‘Keschtnriggl‘, the visitors get great insight into the culture and customs of this region and will learn about everything that is to know about chestnuts, including their importance for this particular area. During organised hiking trips, farmers and forest rangers will entertain you with local know-how and other exciting information. Highlight of the ‘Keschtnriggl‘ is the Keschtn (dialect for chestnut) with folk music, farming markets, crafts, farming cuisine and chestnut specialities.

Link: www.lana.info

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