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Castle Tirol

Once upon a time, Castle Schloss just outside of Meran/Merano, was the headquarters of the Counts of Tyrol. However, when the local government was transferred to Innsbruck, the castle was solely used as the residence of the aristocrats. Today, Castle Tirol is home to the South Tyrolean Country Museum for Cultural and Federal History. Special exhibitions are on the agenda on a regular basis.


Women’s Museum

In earlier years, the building now known as the Women’s Museum in Meran/Merano, housed a second-hand shop for clothing. Over the years, the pieces that were collected turned out to be of historic value, including accessories from the 1820s. Today, the museum also shows exhibits for general use in the life of women in the last two centuries. Special exhibitions and events of different kinds extend the cultural offer presented to the public.


The Archaeological Museum in Bozen/Bolzano

The Archaeological Museum in Bozen/Bolzano is home to the oldest and probably also best-known South Tyrolean inhabitant: Ötzi – the Iceman. The museum exhibits not only the mummy itself, but also his tools and clothing. In addition, this long-term exhibit represents important archaeological findings in South Tyrol from a variety of centuries. There are many interesting events that refer to these findings.


Speck Museum

Smelling – tasting – enjoying ...this is the motto in the World of Speck! The museum and its shop invite you to learn more about this South Tyrolean delicacy.

Castle Sigmundskron/Firmiano

Castle Sigmundskron is situated south of Bozen/Bolzano on top of a porphyry rock and near the village of Frangart. It is one of the oldest and largest fortresses in South Tyrol. Most of the castle has been built in the typical style of the Middle Ages; only the tower shows some Late-Gothic elements. Castle Sigmundskron is the centre of Reinhold Messner’s museum project MMM. In various exhibitions, it speaks about the interesting habitat of mountains and mountain people all over the world.


Castle villages Tisens/Tesimo and Prissian/Prissiano

The castle villages of Tisens-Prissian are not very far from Meran/Merano. Castle Katzenzungen, the Wehrburg, Pfeffersburg, Fahlburg, as well as the Zwingenburg and the ruins of Castle Holz are all privately owned. Castle Katzenzungen with probably the largest and oldest grape of the world (the ‘Versoaln‘) opens its doors every Thursday (April to October) at 4 p.m. for you to enjoy a guided tour and some Versoaln tasting.